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This page contains advice on how to look after your Oriental carpet. If you take care of your carpet it will keep its beautiful appearance and continue to give you many years of pleasure.

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Recommended cleaning methods:

1 - Cleaning with a hard brush
Oriental rugs love to be brushed ! Once or twice a month, brush the carpet, first against and then with the pile to dislodge deeper debris

2 - Cleaning with a carpet beater
If you are able, once a year in the summer on a dry sunny day, take the carpet outside in the sun and lay pile facing up for a few hours. Repeat the procedure with the pile facing down. After a few hours, still facing down, beat the whole surface of the carpet with a carpet beater or stick. You will then see that this has removed a considerable quantity of dust or debris.

3 - Day to day vacuuming
Always use the vacuum cleaner on a low suction setting, preferably in the direction of the pile. N.B.Always use a dry vacuum cleaner, never a water or steam version.

4 - Professional cleaning
Every 5 to 10 years, depending on wear and usage, the carpet should be washed. This should be done by an Oriental rug cleaning specialist as home washing can cause damage.

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Some other tips

This is inevitable if the carpet is in a position where the sun hits a certain area. In this case, rotate the carpet regularly which will even out the effect.

Spillages and stains
Any liquid spillage should be dealt with as quickly as possible and mopped up with an absorbent clean cloth or sponge. Dab from the outer edge of the spillage inward so as to avoid it spreading. In case of a stain, use a clean cloth moistened with cold water and a dash of vinegar and dab the stain. Rinse the cloth and repeat as necessary. Dry the damp area (a hairdryer is suitable) and brush with a hard brush to separate out the pile.

N.B. Never use hot water or a detergent !

Removing wax or chewing gum
Harden the wax or chewing gum with ice cubes in a plastic bag then scrape gently with a blunt knife. Any remaining wax can be removed using absorbent material such as blotting paper and a warm - never hot - iron.

Removing oil or grease
Consult a specialist cleaner.

Moths tend to attack hanging carpets or those in storage. Check regularly for infestation and brush thoroughly then try lavender sprigs as a preventative.

It´s important to have the carpets cleaned before long term storage. After cleaning, roll loosely and place mothballs in between. Store in a jute or cotton sack (Not plastic) and seal.